Purchasable Map Available


Image for Calico Maps

If you are in the market for a hard copy map of the Domeland Wilderness, then check out the Southern Sierra Trail Map from Calico Maps. They are a small southern California business who started making maps a couple of years ago. Now they have their first map for a part of the Sierra Nevada available!

The map also coverage of nearby wilderness areas adjacent to the Domeland Wilderness as well as trails in the National Forest, Park, Bureau of Land Management, and more. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, and lightweight. Whether you are starting to hike in the area for the first time, a collector of maps, or whatever it may be, make sure to check them out HERE. The map is only $10 right now!

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Caution: Poodle-Dog Bush

Post from the Sequoia National Forest to all visitors.

Poodle-dog bush can cause severe irritation to the skin if touched, akin to poison oak or poison ivy. It can raise blisters lasting as long as two weeks or more. The plant is covered in sticky hairs, which can dislodge easily and can be passed on to hikers who touch it or brush up against it. The swelling, rash and itching appear twelve hours to two days after contact. Use caution and avoid this plant.

It is found in nearly all habitat types that have recently burned including conifer forests, chaparral, oak woodland and riparian areas. Poodle-dog bush is frequently found along trails.

Wear long sleeves and pants if you plan to visit the Sequoia National Forest within previously fire burned areas.  This plant was recently found in the Converse Basin area on the Hume Lake Ranger District.  Historically, it has been discovered in areas burned by wildfire which is happening more across the Forest and in Giant Sequoia National Monument. Notes are as follows:

          This native California shrub grows at elevations from 300 to 7,500 feet. It can grow almost 10 feet tall, and has purple bell-shaped flowers.

          It is a perennial, woody shrub with long shiny leaves. It emits an unpleasant, slightly pungent odor.

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Trail Report: Woodpecker Trail

Backpacker Bruce headed out into the Domeland Wilderness for a few days. He camped out at Trout Creek. Here is what he has to report. Thanks for the info Bruce!

Took walk down Woodpecker trail 34E08 and camped three nights near Trout Creek in July 2019. Area is quite nice, nice scenery, good camping and fishing, Trout Creek had plenty of water. But trail was in poor condition in spots. I saw absolutely no one for over 73 hours straight.
The beginning of the walk going down the hill was very difficult because there were these whitethorn shrubs covering the trail. Trees were burned away only near the top of the hill where I parked the car surely during the Manter Fire of 2000. All forests were intact downhill. Going in I walked mostly straight down the steep hill, following a bit of a trail. Once you get to the ravine at the bottom where the topo map shows a small creek, it is reasonably easy to follow the trail until you get to the junction of 34E08 and 34E11 trails, where it is easy to get lost. On the return trip way up through the same area, I tried to follow the correct trail and I got stuck in those thorny shrubs, quite unpleasant. I stayed at a great campsite with a table and two folding steel chairs. But from the thick coat of pine needles covering the campfire ring, it looks like no one had camped there for months. There are not that many connecting trails that are well marked.


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Official News Release on Roads


Roads and Trails

Opening slowly as the winter’s storms have left their mark

Kernville, Ca. June 26, 2019 – The Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest announces partial openings of road systems across the Kern Plateau. Later season openings are due to the welcomed wet winter.

  • Cherry Hill Road: Open to Horse Meadow Campground, Big Meadow, Pine Flat and Cannell Meadow. Be cautious of fallen trees and portions of trees extending into the roadway.
  • Sherman Pass Road (#22S05): OPEN All the way across – west above Kernville through Kennedy Meadows and Hwy 395 to the east.
  • Blackrock Trailhead: Open – NO WATER.
  • Smith and Powell Roads: Open
  • Monache Meadows: CLOSED
  • Osa Meadow: Open
  • Beach Meadow: Open
  • Mahogany: CLOSED– active spring in the middle of the road. Be advised some roads and trails have many trees down and are too wet for travel. Road and trail work has started on the district – information changes daily.

Please call the Kernville Ranger District Office, open 7 days a week, (760) 376-3781, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or the Blackrock Ranger Station, open Thursday through Monday, (559) 539-2607 #2276, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(Forest Highway 90 from Greenhorn is open to Johnsondale and Posey).

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Sherman Pass Road is Open!

Good news everyone! The Sequoia National Forest announces the Sherman Pass Road is open for the season. Now users can access northern routes into the Domeland Wilderness.

As reported earlier Cherry Hill Road is open which brings access to the western trails near Big Meadow. Users can now get access to the popular Manter Meadow area. Enjoy!

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First Season Trail Report is In!

Thanks to user Dan Hall for his report from his trip into the Domeland Wilderness. Here is what he has to report.

Story: I backpacked and hiked in the Manter Meadow area from June 10 to 13. This is a modified version of the trail report I prepared for the Forest Service to help with trail maintenance.  

Since it matters to some readers, Cherry Hill Road and the spur Forest Service road 23S07 to the North Manter Trailhead are good enough for a regular passenger car. I did not go the additional mile to the South Manter Trailhead, but I presume it is in the same condition.  

In general, the sections of trails that I used were in good shape, easy to find and follow, especially considering the extraordinary winter snow and spring run-off we had this year. There was ample drinking water flowing everywhere, even by the North Manter Trail.  

Information regarding trail conditions is provided below, broken down by the identified trail sections. More details about the trails, general area and my trip are provided in the captioned photos at  http://tinyurl.com/yykvz8wr 

North Manter Trailhead & Trail (34E14) to Woodpecker Trail (34E08):
Regarding the tread, there are no catastrophic slides, collapses or ruts. There are some brushy areas developing, but the trail is still easy to follow. There are 5 blowdowns across the trail, all between the wilderness boundary and Manter Meadow. Hikers and stock can get past them without significant problems or environmental damage, except one which might cause some problems for stock. 

Woodpecker Trail (34E08) south to junction with Manter Trail (34E12):
Regarding the tread, there are no catastrophic slides, collapses or ruts, but brush is beginning to obscure the first 200 feet of trail from the trail junction. There are 2 blowdowns across the trail, located together which hikers and stock can get past without significant problems or environmental damage.

Woodpecker Trail (34E08) north to junction with Domeland Trail (35E10):
Regarding the tread, there are no catastrophic slides, collapses or ruts. However, at the trail junction there is a series of log water bars which could use some maintenance to keep them effective. There are some brushy areas developing, but the trail is still easy to follow. There are no blowdowns across the trail. 

Woodpecker Trail (34E08) from junction with Domeland Trail (35E10) north to the South Rim of the Trout Creek Drainage:
Regarding the tread, there are no catastrophic slides, collapses or ruts. There are some brushy areas developing, but the trail is still easy to follow. There are 3 blowdowns across the trail, which hikers and stock can get past without significant problems or environmental damage.

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Photo from InciWeb

A wildfire known as the Jordan Fire is burning near the Blackrock Trailhead. If you are not familiar with the Blackrock Trailhead, that is located close to the Golden Trout Wilderness and a main access point into Casa Vieja Meadows and Jordan Hot Springs. The area is north of the Domeland Wilderness and not a concern yet. However, if you are going into the wilderness and see smoke it could very well be from the Jordan Fire. More information can be read on InciWeb.

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National Trails Day Coming

national trails day june 2019.jpg

June 1 is National Trails Day. A perfect time to get outside and make a difference on a trail. If you are interested, make sure to check out the link below to find an spot near you. If there isn’t one nearby, but you want to start an event there is information on how to do so. Go and help a trail!

American Hiking Society’s National Trail Day

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It’s All Yours

Many will head outdoors this weekend in some fashion or another. If you haven’t been to a National Forest in awhile, I encourage you to plan a day trip and go see it. The video above really captures some great scenery and drives a good point home. You OWN the National Forests. It is YOUR taxes that have secured these lands for multiple use benefit. Get out and see them. Get involved in some way to make them better for the next generation and the next.

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Roads Still Closed


Anyone wishing to head into the Domeland Wilderness over Memorial Day weekend may be very disappointed. Is it a bad thing? Maybe not to some but the roads (Cherry Hill and Sherman Pass) access the western side will be closed over Memorial Day weekend due to large amounts of snow. Only access into the area is via the PCT, which will add longer travel times to the area. It may be best to wait a few more weeks past Memorial Day to access the wilderness. Stay tuned for more road openings as reports come in.

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